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Competus Customer Service Consulting (Pvt) Ltd is comprised of CompetusTraining, CompetusStrategy, CompetusOnline, CompetusResearch and CompetusBooks. We are passionate about optimising customer service processes, systems and human capital within organisations in order to make customer experiences more enjoyable and memorable. We recognise that customer-focused businesses are conscious of the need to provide unparalleled customer service. They, in turn, recognise that Customer Service Excellence (CSE) is a source of sustainability.


Integrity. Quality. Growth.




CSE Training is done in partnership with Speciss College. The classes are held on 3 consecutive Saturdays per Course and they are up to 25 trainees per class. Classes bigger than 100 trainees can be held by special arrangement at your company’s premises or at any other designated location anywhere in Zimbabwe.


The implementation of a robust CSE strategy begins with and draws from a well thought out plan. Businesses which recognise the unit value of the customer will invest time and money into a good CSE plan. Our planning techniques are founded primarily on understanding an organisation’s unique CSE needs.


Customers in Zimbabwe – like in the rest of the world – have quickly yielded to the idea that they can enjoy goods and services online and through a variety of ICT Systems. We continuously identify opportunities for creating consumption convenience and we build innovative interfaces on behalf of businesses, with the sole aim of making the life of the discerning customer progressively easier.


We conduct customised research in customer services on behalf of organisations. Through our findings from eResearch, as well as various other contemporary methods, we provide the link between customer needs, wants and expectations, and the services which they receive from service providers every day.


We have fervent authours in our midst, our dear friends,whose Works are published in both Paperback and eBook formats. Their writs on customer service, business and motivation are compelling as they are informative. We know that books can make a difference in people’s lives because they entertain and inspire as well as they inform. And so we love to give those who love books a platform that reaches a global audience through which to share.

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  • Author: Tafadzwa Taruvinga
    ISBN Number: 978-0-7974-5948-9
    Format: Paperback, Kindle
    Availability: Spar Braeside (Zimbabwe), Amazon
    Price: US$22.00
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  • Author: Cynthia Hakutangwi
    ISBN Number: 978-0-7974-5994-6
    Format: Paperback
    Availability: Order at Wholeness Incorporated
    Price: US$10.00
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  • Author: Cynthia Hakutangwi
    ISBN Number: 978-0-7974-5730-0
    Format: Paperback
    Availability: Scripture Union Zimbabwe
    Price: US$10.00

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